Kathie – Women’s Quest Ambassador

Hello friends! I wanted to share with you an honor that I am so grateful to have received. I have been chosen to be an ambassador of Women’s Quest for April! Women’s Quest is an organization that is dear to my heart. Let me share with you their mission:

Women’s Quest is the ultimate adventure of self-discovery. Our retreats combine physical, mindful, and spirit-filled activities to achieve HEALTH, attain a balanced lifestyle, and encourage personal expression in a SUPPORTIVE, non-competitive environment.Our FUN-FILLED adventures are designed for women of any age, ability, or background. Each retreat is unique – honoring the season and the splendor of nature. We provide everything you need to revitalize the BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.

I have had the pleasure of attending Women’s Quest retreats and walked away with life long friends and a life-changing experience in my pocket every time. If you ever are interested in embarking on a journey that will fill your soul with joy and strength PLEASE ask me anything and I’ll be happy to tell you about my experience.

Read my story on the website here: http://www.womensquest.com/ambassador/kathie_billing.htm

and when you’re done…check out all the retreats for  this summer. Take a journey and find your own inner strength and light. Namaste.

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