I have been a participant in the program for the past 18 months and my lymphedema has greatly improved as well as my range of motion. My reconstruction was done via a tummy tuck, which left my back weak as well as my stomach area. Since the class my overall core strength has improved dramatically and my lower back is less troublesome. Kathie is an expert in this exercise program, professional, compassionate, and focuses on the individual physical needs of each participant.

-Linda Ives (Pink Ribbon Program)

I do want you to know how grateful I am for your class (and you!).  My quality of life has improved so much—yesterday morning I put on winter gear and walked my dog while the snow was pretty and the temperatures were OK—I would not have done that last year because I would have been afraid of hurting my knees or falling.

-Gail Smart

You truly are one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and am blessed that I found you and your wonderful class. If we travel this winter- it surely will be the thing I miss most. I will be back, but just to let you know how much I appreciate what you do for all of us every day. I can take these thoughts with me.

-Sally Klingler

This is the one time a week that I can truly take time out for myself. I am learning to listen to my body better and learning about strengthening and stretching at the same time. Each and every class that you teach, I find that I really look forward to the next class. I really enjoy the class, camaraderie, and mental and physical benefits that it offers. This class is NOT like some those exercise classes that leave you exhausted afterwards, needing to take a hot bath afterwards. I feel renewed, energized, and peaceful afterwards. I would like to thank you for taking time and making the effort to teach this pilates class for Breast Cancer survivors. I am learning even more things about my body every time we meet.

-Deborah Kirksey

Kathie Billing, our instructor, does a wonderful job of easing new members into the exercises while challenging the more experienced members at the same time. She offers several modifications for every exercise enabling each member to exercise at her own level. The exercises are constantly evolving while incorporating the basics, which keeps the class interesting. Kathie is very conscientious about each member’s physical limitations and encourages everyone to exercise at their own pace. Breast cancer survivors are fortunate to have so much support  to assist in leading healthy lives after diagnosis, surgery, chemo, and radiation.

-Debbie Langley (Pink Ribbon Program)

After just 3 classes I began to see improvement with the stretching in the arm I had surgery on in 2006 and what I could do at home without pain. Today I sometimes forget I have the weak arm it is so improved. I am so grateful that Kathie’s class is available to breast cancer survivors. Many of us are not offered physical therapy following surgery. Kathie genuinely cares about her students and takes care to make sure that we do the exercises correctly to avoid injury. Not only is Kathie a great instructor, but she exuberates such a positive outlook, it helps us all.

-Kathleen Domenico (Pink Ribbon Program)

Kathie rocks! I have spent days with Kathie and I am so honored. Everyday with Kathie is a Womens’ Quest adventure, Kathie equals adventure. When I spend time with Kathie I am with a true pioneer woman in every way. From her relationship with the land to the way she embraces and teaches others about how she has come through cancer with grace, grit, and skills to change the world. Kathie is one of a kind. She is a role model and a tremendous inspiration to me!

-Diane Israel (Creator of the film Beauty Mark)

I have been “out of touch” with my body for a long time. Kathie, you are an excellent exercise leader, role model, group facilitator, and supporter. Having been through the “cancer experience” yourself, you are the ideal person to help us re-connect mind, body, and spirit. Up until now, my body has been kind of “left out”. I feel wonderful after each class. I’m actually excited about feeling more flexible and getting physically stronger!

-Susan Barron (Pink Ribbon Program)

The class was absolutely wonderful! I would not change a thing, all body regions were incorporated with lots of deep breathing. It as truly an inspiring experience for me. Thanks for all you doing!

-Michelle (Yoga class for cancer survivors)

Kathie has been such as inspiration to me for years! Her commitment to women is absolutely awesome and so needed in our community. This is a small acknowledgement of her total unselfish giving of her SELF and her experience.

-Sandra (Pink Ribbon Program)